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The State of Children's Rights and Business 2021

June 2021

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Global Benchmark 2021 coming soon.

As part of our upcoming global benchmark, Global Child Forum has been assessing some of the world’s largest companies on a set of children’s rights indicators. We want to know how companies report on children’s rights – what are they doing well and where do they need to improve. The global study covers 6 regions, 9 sectors, and benchmarks companies against 27 indicators.

Benchmarked companies have received their preliminary scorecards and have been given an opportunity to comment on their scores. The complete 2021 Global Report will be launched in Q4 2021 and will then be available for download here on our website. Prior to the public launch, all benchmarked companies will have received their final scorecards.


In 2020, Global Child Forum joined the World Benchmarking Alliance and adopted their SDG2000 to our universe. From this list, we have selected 832 companies to be benchmarked based on revenue (2020), geographical location and sector spread.

This year, Global Child Forum will have a special focus on the Technology and Telecom sector. In addition to the companies that are assessed as part of the global benchmark, an additional 132 global Technology & Telecom companies will therefore be assessed.

For more information on the report methodology, and to view all the companies included in the Global Benchmark 2021, see below.

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About our benchmark

Global Child Forum, in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, has been benchmarking companies since 2014. Since then, we have produced 11 regional reports covering Middle East and North AfricaSouthern AfricaSoutheast Asia, the Nordic region and South America, as well as an additional Global Benchmark report in 2019.

Our benchmarks are based on publicly available information assessed by Global Child Forum and are accompanied by insights, key take-aways and present wide-ranging recommendations for actions to raise individual company and sector scores.

Global Benchmark Report - The State of Children's Rights and Business 2021

Covid-19 Snapshot

In the midst of work on The State of Children’s Rights and Business in Southeast Asia 2020 the global pandemic of COVID-19 hit, and while we were analysing annual reports for 2019, the situation in real time changed rapidly. As the Global Child Forum benchmark is based on publicly available information primarily covering annual year 2019, those information sources are unlikely to acknowledge the impact that the pandemic is having on operations or their responses to it, including those policies that protect children. This report, jointly written by the Global Child Forum and ELEVATE, attempts an overview of how COVID-19 is impacting the Southeast Asia region, including its impacts on children—while being cognizant of the fact that this is a multi-faceted issue that is still very much in flux.

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