Global Child Forum
on Southeast Asia

Child labour
Children's Rights and Business Principles
Migrant workers
Public reporting
Responsible investment
Risk Assessment
Supply Chain
All industries
Basic Materials
Consumer goods
Electrical Utilities
Southeast Asia

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Download the Forum report from the Global Child Forum on Southeast Asia for insights and key takeaways from the Forum.

Global Child Forum on Southeast Asia

Under the theme “Mobility & Connectivity: Children’s Rights and Sustainable Business”, Forum attendees were inspired through plenary panels and solution-driven ActionLabs sessions. The Forum highlighted opportunities to advance children’s rights presented by fast technological progress, a young, growing workforce and the expanding travel and tourism in the region and explored how stakeholders could ensure that children’s rights are respected and fulfilled. Read the report!

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AstraZeneca: Investing in the health of adolescents

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca focuses its global community investment on the pressing challenge of preventing non-communicable diseases. They do this by targeting adolescents health and major risk behaviours such as tobacco and alcohol use and unhealthy eating through the AstraZeneca Youth Health Programme. A unique feature of the programme is that combines measures for behavioural change with research and advocacy. *** “The youth of today are going to be the main drivers of economic development for evolving nations. One way to help them grow up healthy is to empower them with knowledge about making healthy choices.” Helen-Marie Seibel, Director
Global Community Investment, AstraZeneca *** In this Deep Dive, we delve deeper into the Youth Health Programme in order to understand its background story and key features. The insights are based on interviews with company representatives and publicly available resources. As part of our research on corporate children’s rights programs, we have also developed a guide for companies: “Corporate Children’s Rights Programs – Guidance and Best Practice”.