The Corporate Sector and Children's Rights in South America

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South America Benchmark Report on Children’s Rights and the Corporate Sector

How are South American companies doing on children’s rights?

The Corporate Sector and Children’s Rights in South America is the latest in a series of regional and global benchmarks, done in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which scans companies from all compass points and identifies if they report on children’s rights indicators.

Do South American companies integrate children’s rights into core operations?  Address and report on children’s rights issues? Engage with programs that benefit children?

The South American benchmark study scored 282 top companies headquartered in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Uruguay on these, and other, indicators.  The benchmark then assigns both an aggregate regional score as well as individual company scores. All companies included in the study also receive a scorecard with their result and are given an opportunity to respond or give feedback.

Regional Industry Results (Average score per industry)

The benchmark report was launched at the Global Child Forum on South America on April 4th 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Nina Vollmer, Researcher

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Linda Lodding, Communications Manager

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How did South America score? Download the report!

Why benchmark children’s rights?

Companies of all sizes, in all sectors and regions, have an obligation to respect children’s right in their operations. This isn’t only a societal imperative, it also makes good business sense. While many companies present stellar examples of how both business and society can benefit from respecting children’s rights, most companies grapple with identifying how best to address children’s rights issues within their operations. Our benchmarking reports let companies know where they stand vis-à-vis their region and their sector on a number of basic children’s rights indicators and allows participating companies to identify their areas of strength and pinpoints their shortcomings.



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