Youth Matters Photo Exhibit


Today’s children and youth are movers, shakers, and change-makers. They are dreamers, doers and dare to speak up and act out. They see the world in a fresh way that challenges societal leaders to take on new views and perspectives in their quest to make the world a better place.

In order to help celebrate the UN Day of Youth 2020, Global Child Forum asked young people from around the world to share with us, through their camera’s lens, what matters most to them.

We received photos from Bangladesh, Egypt, Liberia, Pakistan, Sweden and the United States and their stunning submissions are below.  Looking at these photos, what themes emerge for you?

For us, we see that our young photographers care deeply about nature. They appreciate a sunrise as filtered through the branches of a tree, a sunset as viewed from Mt Kenya. They value hanging with their friends and feeling close to their family (and pets) – especially during this time of Covid.

What matters to youth, also matters to us – businesses, NGOs, governments. How can we work together to ensure that their views, are also reflected in our work? How can we implement solutions to meet the challenges of climate change, access to quality education, covid relief, and decent work opportunities which can offer today’s generation opportunities for a brighter tomorrow?

It’s not too late to participate!  Read more here for submission guidelines and upload form!


See all photo submissions here


Our young photographers will have their work featured feature through our social media channels, as a digital book (to be launched soon), and have their work shared during our Global Child Forum 2020.  Please follow us @GCForum as well as the hashtag #YouthMatters and share in your social media channels.

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