Communications Toolkit

Why communicate?

You work hard to ensure that your operations are sustainable and that you adhere to the latest reporting standards. Transparency matters to you and your business. Why? Because consumers care, investors care, employees care, journalists care and families and children care. But with all your hard work behind the scenes, shouldn’t you let your stakeholders know what you have achieved so far in terms of your company’s respect for children’s rights in your operations?  They are interested. And who knows, you just might inspire a few other companies and organizations and people along the way.

We’ve pulled together this toolkit to make it a bit easier for you. We’re proud that you are on this journey with us. And we hope you are too.

How to communicate

Let your networks know! Send out a press release and spread the word in social media. See section below for inspiration and key messaging to use.

Blog post: If you currently have an active blog, highlight your benchmark score there. You are also welcome to pitch a blog post to the Global Child Forum blog, Frontlines. Click here if you wish to get in contact with us around that.

Annual report/sustainability report: Consider sharing your benchmark score and children’s rights policies, programs and performance in your reports to your stakeholders.

Let your employees or those that you positively impact tell the story: Allow well-vetted, social media-savvy employees use your organization’s platforms like Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and Snapchat to talk directly to your audience. It’s fun for your employees and engaging to your followers.

Don’t forget to use hashtag #GCFbenchmark. Hashtags act as a filter for online conversations and help your content reach new audiences. By adding #GCFbenchmark to the caption of your Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook post, your post will be more easier for others to see and find.


When communicating around your benchmark score, we ask that you clearly indicate the following:
“Global Child Forum basis its benchmark scores on a company’s publicly available information, systematically assessing a corporate’s response to impacts on children’s rights. Scores are not a  measure of actual compliance with policies, outcomes of policies and/or programmes nor should scores be construed as investment advice.  Read more about the methodology here.

What to communicate


See how leading companies have shared the news about their children’s rights work and their standing in the benchmark:




  • Want to know how Southeast Asia’s largest companies perform on children’s rights? @GCForum’s latest benchmark is just released — scoring all sectors on 20+ indicators. #SDGs #BizChildRights #supplychain
  • @GCForum’s 2020 Southeast Asia #childrights and business benchmark is out! Find out who are the region’s corporate “Leaders” and “Achievers” on children’s rights. #GCFbenchmark #SEAsia
  • Which business sectors lead on #childrights in Southeast Asia? Just launched! @GCForum’s 2020 regional benchmark scoring eight sectors across the region. #GCFbenchmark #SEAsia
  • Who is leading and who is lagging on children’s rights and business in Southeast Asia? Download “The State of Children’s Rights and Business 2020” here: #SDGs  #BizChildRights #supplychain @GCForum


  • We have been scored as a “Leader” in addressing children’s rights in @GCForum’s latest benchmark on children’s rights and business!  Read the report here:
  • We are proud to be identified as an “Achiever” by @GCForum for our efforts in addressing children’s rights in our business! Read the latest benchmark “The State of Children’s Rights and Business in Southeast Asia 2020”! 





  • #GCFbenchmark
  • #SDGs
  • #BizChildRights
  • #supplychain
  • #SEAsia
  • #ChildRights



  • If you wish to use the Global Child Forum logo in your communication, or to request a quote or for further clarification on how to communicate around your score, please click here and we’ll come back you shortly.

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