Global Child Forum Calls on Asian Business Leaders to Prioritize Children’s Rights

BANGKOK, 16 September  – Global Child Forum, a Stockholm-based leader in children’s rights and business, is  bringing together actors from business and civil society to take action on children’s rights at the CSR Asia Summit – the region’s foremost annual sustainability event being held on September 18 – 19 i Bangkok, Thailand.

Global Child Forum’s break-out session, Children’s Rights in the Agricultural Sector, will address the children’s rights challenges in agrobusiness. The agricultural sector in Southeast Asia is a major regional force, both as a driver of GDP as well as a formal and informal employer. However, with the combination of growing populations, migrant workforces and the threat of climate change, agrobusiness in Southeast Asia is at a crossroads, particularly for its largest and most vulnerable population: children.

Panellists Darian McBain, Global Director, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability from Thai Union Group and Shelly Heald Han, Chief of Staff from Fair Labour Association will present best practices highlighting how businesses can better understand their impact on children’s rights, mitigate their risk and unlock new opportunities by promoting children’s rights as an integrated part of their operations.

“We’re happy to be back in the region, addressing the real need and interest for the corporate sector to integrate a child’s rights perspective into their operations,” said Cajsa Wiking, the organization’s Secretary-General. “Specifically, the agricultural sector can play a huge role in minimizing the risks to children and ensuring that all children have the right to a just, sustainable and prosperous world.” This is the third time Global Child Forum has participated in this summit, underscoring their commitment to placing child rights on the corporate social responsibility agenda in the region.

The session will also provide a sneak preview into Global Child Forum’s Global Benchmark Report which has scored 700 companies globally providing insights across three areas where the corporate sector impacts children’s rights: The Workplace, The Marketplace, The Community and the Environment.


Data from the Children’s Rights and Business Atlas — a free, online due diligence tool — will serve to underscore the contextual factors that shape how companies in the region can and should respond to children’s rights. During the conference, Global Child Forum will be hosting a booth where delegates will have the opportunity to learn more about this and other tools that can help companies identify, prioritize and mitigate children’s risks in their community and environment.

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