PRESS RELEASE: Annual study shows more needs to be done to integrate children's rights into investment decision-making

  • Global Child Forum and GES annual study investigates how investors integrate children’s rights into responsible investment policies.
  • Findings show that children’s rights need to be more clearly defined and communicated within the financial sector.
  • Study highlights that there is a need for guidance on integrating children’s rights into investment analysis and decision-making and that it is important to develop methods of monitoring supply chains that ensure children’s rights are addressed throughout the full value chain.

Stockholm, 28 September 2015: This year’s study from the Global Child Forum and GES (Global Engagement Services) indicates that while there is some transparency around how investors address environmental, social and governance issues (ESG), the importance of children’s rights, in relation to responsible corporate behaviour, still needs to be addressed. The study – Investor Perspectives on Children’s Rights – presents results from a survey on how institutional investors integrate children’s rights in their responsible investment policies and practices.

Fiona Rotberg, PhD, Research Director, Global Child Forum: “The financial sector is a key stakeholder in children’s rights but it’s clear from the outcome of the study that in order to safeguard children’s rights in companies our fundamental expectations of companies need to be clear. Progress on this issue will rely on a multi-stakeholder approach – one which engages with local, national and international government bodies, as well as with NGOs, civil society, investors and financial actors.”

Hanna Roberts, CEO, GES: “The effort to safeguard children’s rights is not only a moral imperative but also important from a financial perspective. From an investor’s view, the conversation about ESG needs to widen to incorporate children’s issues not just regarding child labour but to also include questions related to marketing to children, children’s rights online and children’s rights to family and education in the context of migrant workers.”

More about the research

The research was conducted via a questionnaire. Of the 280 asset owners invited to participate in the survey, 31 responded.

The main findings of the study were:

Investors typically focus more on child labour and less on other children’s rights issues.
27 of the 31 respondents answered that human rights considerations are included in their responsible investment policies, but only eight of these specifically reference children’s rights.
Of the investors who answered the questionnaire, 29 consider children’s rights to have a potentially material impact to their investments.

This is the second joint Global Child Forum and GES study to examine investor perceptions on children’s rights. The first focused on European and North American asset owner signatories to the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment). This study is part of a suite of research reports and initiatives issued by Global Child Forum and partners to continue to assess and monitor the private sector’s engagement in children’s rights issues.

Results from the study will be shared at the upcoming Global Child Forum at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, 26 November, in order to discuss the findings, encourage a broader approach and initiate new thinking on how investors can address the issue of children’s rights.

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