Global Child Forum launches
“Youth Matters” photo exhibit

Stockholm, 12 August 10, 2020  Youth today are change-makers. They are setting their own agenda for the future, calling out inequities and social injustices and marching into the future with the burden of the decisions we make today. They are also critical thinkers, communicators, innovators and future leaders and a bring a unique perspective to the world we live in.  Yet, given their potential for enormous contribution, children are often side-lined and excluded from the opportunity to communicate on issues that are important to them.

This year’s UN Day of Youth 2020, on August 12th,  takes as its  theme: Youth Engagement for Global Action.  To mark this occasion, and underscore for our corporate stakeholders what matters most to youth, Global Child Forum asked young people from around the world to share with us, through their camera’s lens, what matters most to them. In fact, according to our children’s survey,  69% of child respondents said that they felt that business should ask them about which issues concern them the most. We are so excited that young people answered our call, with stunning photos submissions from Bangladesh, Egypt, Liberia, Pakistan, Sweden and the United States.

“What emerged, from seeing these photos, is that youth care deeply about nature, they value hanging out with their friends, feeling close to their family and contributing to their communities – especially during this time of Covid-19,” said Cajsa Wiking, Secretary-General of Global Child Forum.  “All of these themes place youth at the heart of what we do – inspiring and engaging the business sector to address the urgent challenges of climate change, access to quality education, safer online experiences, and a more just and equitable future.”

The photo exhibit will be launched online through Global Child Forum’s website, through social media channels, and as an e-book later this year.

Global Child Forum works to mobilize the business sector to address,  within their operations and communities, issues of significance to children and youth. With this photo exhibit, Global Child Forum is bringing attention to the need for companies to advance on children’s rights and explore what role they can play – whether through increasing youth participation in their business decision-making, ensuring that their products and services are safe for children, that they are mitigating their impact on the environment as well as seeing opportunities to create a just and equitable world for youth.

“Youth today are active participants in the social initiatives that matter most to them,” said Linda Lodding, Head of Communications at Global Child Forum. “And while these photos placed the youth photographer behind the lens, youth today are very much out in front – driving social change, finding new solutions and reminding us what to keep in focus.”

To view the photo exhibit, click HERE.

Submission to the photo exhibit remains open for youths age 12 – 21 until September 3oth. To submit, click HERE

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