Global Child Forum and CCR CSR Producing Short Film to Highlight the Positive Impact of Businesses on Children

In a world where big ideas about children’s rights are presented at high-level events, seminars and workshops, the voice of the children themselves is often conspicuously absent. Global Child Forum and CCR CSR are proudly collaborating on a short-film project that seeks to give a voice to children, while at the same time inspiring businesses to invest in child rights.

The film will include four short stories shot in four different countries: China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Myanmar. In each country, children and/or their parents introduce viewers to one child rights project that has positively impacted their lives.

In China, we interview children and migrant parent workers who benefitted from a factory-based Child Friendly Space; in Vietnam young workers tell us how a youth development programme is helping them gain new skills pertinent to career growth; in Bangladesh we explore how a child care centre in a garment factory has offered relief and support to the working mothers and their children; and in Myanmar we follow several former child labourers whose remediation programme has brought them back to the classroom and set them on a more prosperous career path.

The short film, which is currently in production, premieres at the CSR Asia Summit in Hong Kong on September 19th. The film will be available on our website as well as on the Global Child Forum YouTube channel. For more behind-the-scenes photos of the filming, please visit our Instagram channel.

CSR Asia Summit 2018

Global Child Forum will be back at the CSR Asia Summit this year, bringing a child rights lens to the region’s largest sustainability forum.

With nearly a half of the ASEAN population under 30 years of age, companies operating in Asia need to create a nurturing and empowering environment for a new generation while also driving the next phase of economic growth. Global Child Forum’s session, “Business and Children’s Rights: Beyond Charity and Child Labour”will showcase the benefits of an extensive children’s rights program, going beyond just doing good for children and addressing child labour issues. Through high-level corporate panelists, presentation of best practices and the launch of new regional benchmarking research, this session will highlight how businesses can better understand their impact on children’s rights, mitigate their risk and unlock new opportunities by promoting children’s rights as an integrated part of their operations.

Read more about the programme here.