Four countries. Four stories.

In a world where big ideas about children’s rights are presented at high-level events, seminars and workshops, the voice of the children themselves is often conspicuously absent. Global Child Forum and CCR CSR have proudly produced a short-film that gives a voice to children, while at the same time inspiring businesses to invest in child rights.

The film includes four short stories shot in four different countries: China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Myanmar. In each country, children and/or their parents introduce viewers to one child rights project that has positively impacted their lives. Please see full video below. Each story can also be found separately on our YouTube channel.

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Behind the scenes

Filming took place during September 2018 and spanned four countries – Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, and China. We’re grateful to those who shared their stories with the film team. Here´s a look at the filming process.


The Center for Child Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility (CCR CSR) has been a pioneer in advising businesses on child rights since 2009. Their services and expertise help businesses embrace sustainability strategies, programs and projects that permanently improve the lives of children, young workers and working migrant parents in supply chains across Asia. Global Child Forum and CCR CSR have been collaborating on several projects aimed at encouraging business to advance children’s rights in their operations.
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