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June 2020

Children's Rights in Business

We live in a rapidly changing world where unprecedented challenges call on business to formulate new strategies to remain relevant. We are experiencing the consequences of climate change, navigating risks and opportunities of digitalisation, understanding shifting consumer patterns and adapting to new demographic and globalisation trends. Business and children alike are key stakeholders in this new setting. Both groups are enablers, catalysts, and drivers of change. And both have great potential to create positive impacts.

Our Digital Action Labs this fall will address four themes;

The Advantage for Business to Engage with Children’s Rights, October 8th
How to reach an edge in engaging with children’s rights in your company’s operations and strategic planning?

Listening to the Change-Maker Generation, October 20th
How are the emerging generation of change makers influencing societal relations to consumption and companies?

A Collapsing Planet: The Impact of Climate Change on Children’s Health, November 3rd
What are the health effects on children from corporate mitigation and adaptation to climate change?

Data Mining in the Sandbox: Children’s Safety Online, November 18th
Exploring the tension between products that make children’s lives better, and the collection of data that goes in the process.


Prof. Dr. Veronica Barassi,  Professor in Media and Communications Studies at the University of St. Gallen

Dr. David Boyd, Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment, OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)

Prof. Vanina Farber, Professor and elea Chair for social innovation, IMD Business School and World Economic Forum

Ms Omnia Elomrani, Liason Officer for Public Health Issues at the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations

Dr. Thoko Kaime, Senior teaching Fellow at the School of Law, SOAS University of London and at the University of Essex

Prof. Dr. Eva Lievens, Professor of Law and Technology at Ghent University

Ms Ingrida Milkaite, PhD Researcher in the research group Law & Technology at Ghent University

Ms Leah Namugerwa, Youth Activist from Fridays for Future Uganda

Ms Julia Olson, Executive Director & Chief Legal Counsel at Our Children’s Trust

Ms Jenny Lindén Urnes, Owner and Chair of Lindéngruppen, a family business focusing on sustainable long-term development of industrial companies

More speakers will follow!

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The ActionLab series

The Advantage for Business to Engage with Children’s Rights

October 8th

Listening to the Change-Maker Generation

October 20th

A Collapsing Planet: The Impact of Climate Change on Children’s Health

November 3rd

Data Mining in the Sandbox: Children’s Safety Online

November 18th

This ActionLab series is by invitation only.
Invitations will be sent in August and participants will then be able to register for all four AcionLabs.

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