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Children's Participation in Business

February 2021

Practical guidance from a corporate perspective

From autumn 2019 to autumn 2020, a research project with the aim of developing a better understanding of current business practices of children’s participation was undertaken.The project originated from the Global Child Forum Pledge, initiated at the Global Forum 2018. It was also a follow-on from the 2018 Roundtable on Children’s Participation.

The project was led by Tara Collins, Associate Professor at the School of Child and Youth Care (Ryerson University) and Kay Tisdall, Professor of Childhood Policy (University of Edinburgh) jointly. It resulted in a resource to introduce and explain principles, concepts and practical considerations, in order to fill gaps in understanding the practices of children’s participation in business.

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Children's Participation webinar series

Webinar I: Children´s participation in business decision-making

Webinar II: Children’s participation in business decision-making (Safeguarding aspects)

Digital ActionLab: Listening to the change-maker generation

Interview with IKEA: Children's Participation

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Children's Participation Guide

Covid-19 Snapshot

In the midst of work on The State of Children’s Rights and Business in Southeast Asia 2020 the global pandemic of COVID-19 hit, and while we were analysing annual reports for 2019, the situation in real time changed rapidly. As the Global Child Forum benchmark is based on publicly available information primarily covering annual year 2019, those information sources are unlikely to acknowledge the impact that the pandemic is having on operations or their responses to it, including those policies that protect children. This report, jointly written by the Global Child Forum and ELEVATE, attempts an overview of how COVID-19 is impacting the Southeast Asia region, including its impacts on children—while being cognizant of the fact that this is a multi-faceted issue that is still very much in flux.

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