Data Mining in the Sandbox: Children’s Safety Online

Exploring the tension between products that make children’s lives better, and the collection of data that goes in the process.

In the last 10 years, communication and social interaction have increasingly moved online, with an array of social media platforms and online services offering services and solutions that are collecting user data systematically. Many of these services are used by children, raising challenging questions around privacy and integrity of minors and whether they are able to give informed consent to the collection of their data. Is there a tension between offering services that children want, and that can make their lives easier, while collecting their data in the process? In this Action Lab we explore if and how children’s rights can be protected in the digital marketplace and still allow for new and innovative business models?


This ActionLab series is by invitation only.
Invitations will be sent in August and participants will then be able
to register for all four AcionLabs.

Global Child Forum
Digital ActionLab series 2020

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