A Collapsing Planet:
The Impact of Climate Change on Children’s Health

What are the health effects on children from corporate mitigation and adaptation to climate change?

With every degree of warming, a child born today faces a future where their health and well-being will be increasingly impacted by the realities and dangers of a warmer world. Infectious diseases, worsening air pollution, rising temperatures and malnutrition strike children the hardest partly due to their physiological make up and partly due to children generally spending more time outdoors than adults. Furthermore, as corporations are struggling to get to grips with climate change, pursuing mitigating and adaptation strategies, their choices and actions will have direct and indirect effects on children. In this Action Lab we explore the question of how companies’ mitigation and adaptation of climate change effects children’s health. Participating companies will listen to expert knowledge, corporate examples and visionary outlooks as well as be offered an opportunity to join hands with Global Child Forum and its partners in mobilizing a commitment for action.


This ActionLab series is by invitation only.
Invitations will be sent in August and participants will then be able
to register for all four AcionLabs.

Global Child Forum
Digital ActionLab series 2020

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