3 reasons to use the Children's Rights and Business Atlas

Business is empowered through data. But finding, evaluating and assessing the data that’s relevant to your business can be a complex and daunting task. That’s why we have developed the Atlas: an online tool with data from 178 countries that enables companies to understand the complex and multiple ways in which they effect children’s rights, both directly and indirectly.

This information helps companies take actions that lower their risk exposure, increase the efficiency of their supply chains and ultimately improve their bottom line by means of integrating children’s rights into their operations. The Atlas’ new data-driven approach, built around the Children’s Right and Business Principles, helps companies integrate children’s rights data into their operational and growth strategies and as such, becomes a tool for value creation. Do well by doing good. Use the Atlas.

Here are three reasons why savvy, smart and socially-aware businesses are using the Atlas

1. Building awareness internally

Companies need to understand how their operations impact children’s rights across the globe because businesses have the responsibility to respect and support children’s rights, as outlined in the Children’s Rights and Business Principles. The Atlas allows its users to navigate between depth and width with over 100 indicators on children’s rights issues across the globe.

2. Catapulting change in your spheres of influence

The Atlas enables comparisons between countries and regions and complements hard data with qualitative facts about countries and industries. Through this information, companies can start building better adaptability in their supply chains and improving relations with suppliers where needed. It helps mitigate risk.

3. Marketing

Showcasing your brand, and reaching a new audience. The Atlas is used as a basis when UNICEF and Global Child Forum work with companies throughout the world, creating new knowledge and best case stories. The seasoned and mature brands get an arena through the Atlas network to showcase their engagement with children, reaching new audiences and market segments.

Children´s Rights & Business Atlas

Businesses, investors and organisations alike need to understand how their actions impact children’s rights. The Atlas guides companies in assessing their risks.