Transforming children’s lives together

We believe the best way to invest in children’s potential is through the power of partnerships.

We create partnerships of great purpose to find solutions that last. And whether it’s working on children’s rights within travel and tourism sector or encouraging business to find ways to tap on the potential of a vibrant youth market, we know we’re only successful when we work with together.

Global Child Forum is fortunate to have a committed group of public and private partners who enhance our work with their unique capabilities. We focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships that can deliver results for our efforts and value for society.

In 2020, Global Child Forum joined the World Benchmarking Alliance. We´re proud to be one of their Allies, in good company with other organizations also striving to shape the private sectors’ contribution to achieving the SDGs. We´ve adopted companies within their SDG2000 list as our benchmark universe. Read more about our partnership with the World Benchmarking Alliance here

Our business partners, — organisations such as the IKEA Foundation, Carl Bennet AB, Handelsbanken, Lindéngruppen and Mellby Gård — demonstrate the benefits that a partnership with Global Child Forum can bring.

Collaborating with other like-minded organisations—including UNICEF, the UN Global Compact, Plan International, Childhood Foundation and Save the Children – enable us extend our reach and impact and expand the conversation.

Our global network of companies and partnerships ensures that no company is alone in addressing issues related to the challenges of safeguarding and advancing children’s rights.

Please contact us if you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities.

We hope you’ll join us.