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We are a small international team of committed staff members guided by a Board of Directors and supported by the Swedish Royal Family. From our offices in the heart of Stockholm, we work with our global network of UN partners, the private sector, international organisations, academia, and civil society.

Adrien Askmo


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+46 (0)70 853 45 95
Adrien joined the Global Child Forum at the start of 2016 and since then has worked in both research and in contributing to the Forum process. Prior to joining Global Child Forum, he worked at the Stockholm Policy Group, a management consulting firm specializing in peace, security and development, and international law and human rights. While there he worked on reports for various development agencies analyzing their out-of-country programs with a focus on conflict sensitivity.
He has also worked as a teacher in Thailand, France and the United Kingdom. He earned an MA in International Relations from the University of Warwick, where he graduated first in his year. He also received a BA in History, with a minor in Economics, from Westminster College.

Åse Bäckström

Managing Director

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+46 (0)72 387 67 33
Twitter: @asebackstrom
As our Managing Director, Åse is responsible for the management and development of the Global Child Forums in order to reach the overall vision: all parts of society to protect and support children’s rights. Before joining Global Child Forum in 2015 she was the head of Sustainability, Internal Audit and Compliance at KPMG. Åse has been working for World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Geneva and has served on the Board for Stockholm International Water Institute. She has a Master in Business and Administration from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg and a Licentiate of Economics from the University of Linköping.

Elsa Crafoord

Programme Coordinator

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+46 (0)72 387 67 59
Twitter: @elsacrafoord
As Programme Coordinator, Elsa contributes to the Forum process, communications and research. She joined Global Child Forum in the spring of 2015. Prior to joining the organisation, Elsa worked as a volunteer teacher for the Student and Youth Congress of Burma on the Thai Burmese border. She has also worked for Doctors without Borders as a Field HR Trainee and operated on a project to integrate research in the field work for physicians. She has graduated from Södertörn University with a bachelor’s degree in International Health.

Gabrielle Iselius

Programme Manager

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+46 (0)72 160 04 30
Twitter: @g_iselius
In her role as Programme Coordinator Gabrielle works with planning, coordinating and implementing activities connected to our forums and research. Gabrielle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Studies from the University of Gothenburg, where she studied sustainable development, political economy and project management. Since receiving her degree, Gabrielle has worked within the field of children’s rights, working with unaccompanied refugee children from 2012-2013, and most recently with fundraising, events and administration at World Childhood Foundation. Gabrielle joined Global Child Forum in 2015.

Linda Lodding

Communication Manager

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+46 (0)72 387 0248
Twitter: @lindalodding
As Communication Manager, Linda is responsible for bringing our work, and our message, to our stakeholders. She has long career in communications both in the private and public sector working for UN-affiliated organisations such as The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO and the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation. Her public sector work is augmented by assignments in advertising, internet consulting and brand development. She holds an undergraduate degree from Barnard College, Columbia University and an MBA from the Stern School of Business, New York University. Linda joined Global Child Forum in 2015.

Fiona Rotberg

Research Director

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+46 (0)72 150 30 39
As Research Director, Fiona is responsible for directing, producing, and showcasing our research studies and tools, as well as our research partnerships. Fiona has worked in both the private and public sectors during the past 25 years, including as a consultant for Arthur D. Little, assistant professor in Political Science at Uppsala University and acting Executive Director at the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation. Fiona holds an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College, a Master’s Degree from Tufts University, and a Ph.D. with distinction in International Law and Natural Resources from Tufts and Harvard Universities. Fiona joined Global Child Forum in 2015.

Katarina Sundvisson

Executive Assistant

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+ 46 (0)72 964 70 50
Katarina is the Global Child Forum Executive Assistant and also serves as the Secretary of the Global Child Forum Board.

Nina Vollmer


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+ 46 (0) 73 381 40 66
Twitter: @VollmerNina
As Researcher, Nina’s main area of responsibility is to lead the work on the Corporate Benchmark Studies on children’s rights that Global Child Forum produces in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group. In addition to this work, she also takes on other smaller research projects. She has previously worked at the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, the Swedish Teacher’s Union, the Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation – SweFOR in Colombia and SonyEricsson. She has also held the voluntary position of group secretary for Amnesty Business Group Sweden. She has a Master’s Degree in Political Science with a focus on human rights and development from Lund University in Sweden. Nina joined Global Child Forum in 2015.

"We want to identify how business can accelerate children’s rights through new partnerships, initiatives and cross-sector action. By sharing information, presenting leading case studies and best practices from all parts of the world we try to make an impact.”

Words from Åse

"When you see children as stakeholders in their roles as consumers, future and current employees, tomorrow’s leaders and rights bearers whose lives are affected by business on a daily basis, you realise that there is enormous potential in taking their interests into account and making it part of your core business!”

Words from Nina

“Our communication challenge is to widen the discourse on children’s rights issues beyond charity and showcase that real change is possible within the business sector when children are considered as important stakeholders; this refrain takes not a soloist but a whole chorus.”

Words from Linda

“One of our research goals is to support businesses as they make key decisions that affect not only their operations – but also our children. Our research helps guide companies to identify, assess and monitor the risks their operations pose to children. With full understanding of how children and their rights apply to their activities and relationships, companies can proactively respect and support them.”

Words from Fiona

“Business leaders are the new activists! If we want a society where children’s rights are respected, supported and implemented - the private sector is a key driver.”

Words from Marica

“We are working to put children’s rights at the centre of the corporate sustainability agenda – companies have a tremendous impact on children and we strive to get more companies to realise that and to give them knowledge and tools to act!”

Words from Jenny

” I feel energised by our work and contribution towards widening and challenging the children’s rights dialogue between and within sectors and stakeholders, and then to see the great response is truly inspiring!”

Words from Elsa


From rewarding work to a great environment in heart of Stockholm, there are many reasons to join the Global Child Forum.

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