What is the Global Child Forum?

Global Child Forum is an independent platform for informed dialogue on children’s rights. Our Forums gathers leaders from business, governments, academia and civil society to promote cross-sector partnerships, knowledge- and best practice sharing – as a means to further children’s rights.

Global Child Forum is a non-profit foundation initiated by the Swedish Royal family.

What does
Global Child Forum do?

Global Child Forum brings together all stakeholders of society to find solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing children today. We have a specific focus on helping business to identify how they can advance children’s rights within their operations.

We are known for our regional and Stockholm Forums which bring together thought-leaders and influencers to work together on exchanging best practices. And we are also known for our research around investor’s perception towards children’s rights and our regional benchmarking reports.

What is the role of the Swedish Royal Family?

In 2009, H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf and H.M. Queen Silvia initiated the Global Child Forum as part of their long-standing commitment to children’s issues. Since then, the Royal Family has maintained a strong and active role in Global Child Forum, participating in both the regional and global forums.


Where is the next Global Child Forum?

Our next Global Child Forum will focus on South America and be held in Brazil in April, 2017. This will be our fourth Forum outside of Sweden. Our first forum outside of Sweden focused on the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) in 2014, and last year, in 2015,  we held a Forum on Southern Africa. Earlier this year, in 2016, we held a Forum on Southeast Asia.

The upcoming Forum in South America  intends to build on the work we started in those regions to raise awareness and generate action in terms of local and regional cross-sector partnerships to drive change.

Please check our website for continuous updates.

How can a Forum contribute to advancing children’s rights?

By identifying and discussing both the challenges and best practices of selected countries, Global Child Forum hopes that our Forums will uncover strategies for facilitating the successful implementation of the Children’s Rights Convention and the Children’s Rights and Business Principles.

We also see the Forum as a unique opportunity to bring together a diverse set of actors from business, civil society, academia and governments to network and build partnerships that can have an impact on children’s rights.  Many of the people who attend our Forum have never been invited to a children’s rights conference but they leave knowing  more and inspired to bring a change to their work.

Our work, however, does not stop at the end of the Forum day.  We continue to support the regions with tools and targeted research and follow-up initiatives.

How does addressing children’s rights have a positive impact on a business’ profits?

If you look at it the other way around, it’s easy to see how ignoring children’s rights can have a negative, and potentially disastrous impact on a business. By ignoring children’s rights (and human rights) business can face legal challenges, financial problems, reputational issues, attraction and retention issues among employees and not least, you can do harm to children.

Today, consumers and investors are also becoming increasingly savvy and want to buy products, and invest in companies, who have done their due diligence and are ethically responsible. This means that companies need to be aware of their overall footprint along the value chain and ensure that all human rights are upheld.

On the positive side, companies that have happy workers tend to have happy children which makes workers perform better and are therefore more loyal to the company they work for. Companies that invest in the communities where they work are also better corporate citizens and by doing well for the community, they do well for themselves. Customers and investors are proud to be part of a corporate family that cares about children.